Services we offer

Graficas Condal has all the necessary resources to create a wide range of packaging solutions (supports, techniques, processes, etc.). Throughout the entire development process, from the design phase to manufacturing and shipping, we accompany our customers, as one more collaborator. Our internal processes are carried out under the supervision of our staff and through the most advanced control systems and in compliance with the most demanding quality specifications.

Advice from the beginning of your project, creativity, and structural design

Our resources are available for our customers so that they can turn their ideas into reality. We offer 3D rendering, model development and pre-series services to be able to validate any concept to verify both functionality and final finish.


Our 6-color offset machine with varnish group has the latest technology available on the market. It allows you to print on all types of media, coated, uncoated, virgin fibre or recycled materials, both with conventional ink and UVI inks, without mineral oils and low migration. Any type of media with the highest print quality


With a lamination process on the surface, we manage to beautify and protect the product. There are different materials that are used depending on each need: polypropylene, metallized polyester, holographic, embossed, or coloured film, acetate with matte, glossy, soft-touch and anti-scratch finishes.


In packaging, varnish is used both as a protective element and as a creative resource to beautify the product. There are several types of varnishes: UVI varnish in gloss, matte, soft touch, textured, with volume...


Stamping allows you to convey the highest level of quality to your box or case. There are numerous finishes and colours: Gold, silver, metallic, holographic, fluorescent, transparent, and special effects.


Die-cutting is the essential process to be able to make unique and eye-catching designs a reality through personalized shapes. With this, you will be able to convey a greater sense of quality while ensuring the integrity of the products.

Embossing / Debossing

Realization of relief, multilevel relief, bas-relief, creation of tailor-made textures.

Folding Gluing

We have the most modern means to fold and glue the cases with the maximum quality guarantee. Plasma to ensure gluing, integrated and automatic control system for the presence of glue and to avoid possible mixing of boxes.


We can carry out all types of handling operations to be able to satisfy any type of design and special solutions.